Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Spyro reignited trilogy Review


If you miss classic platforming from Insomniac games version of three Spyro games then you are going to enjoy Toys for bob version of Spyro Reignited trilogy, It is a remake of three games  all redesigned from scratch with better graphics to the stages, characters, worlds, NPC Enemies. You Play as the one and only Spyro a cocky and courageous dragon who happens to turn into the dragons savior and a hero.

Adventurous Stories

Spyro The Dragon

The Story of Spyro The Dragon is very simple, its starts off with “Gnasty the Gnorc the main villain of the game, he watches a TV show of dragons interview, one of the dragons talks about Gnasty, which caught his attention to the TV screen, The dragons say that Gnasty is no threat to the dragons and they start mock Gnasty. Gnasty starts to get very furious with the comments from the dragons on TV and starts to turn the dragons into crystal except Spyro, Every Dragon in the dragon world gets captured and its up to Spyro the dragon to rescue them and stop Gnasty the Gnorc.

Spyro: Ripto’s Rage

The second story Spyro: Ripto’s Rage takes place after the Spyro the Dragon game, It starts off Spyro getting ready to take a huge break after rescuing all of his dragon pals and stopping Gnasty the Gnorc. Spyro runs to the gate portal to enjoy his vacation but instead ends up in a different world called (Avalor) a fantasy world with new characters and a new villain, Spyro make new friends and teams up with them to stop the Ripto and his pets from taking control of the world of Avalor.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The Third game of Spyro: Year of the Dragon takes place after the events of Spyro Ripto’s Rage, in the dragon world an anonymous figure with Rhynocs steal all of the eggs at night time,yet again Spyro was asked by the dragons to go and rescue the eggs back from the thieves, Spyro and his now best friend Hunter are going to track down the thieves and collecting the eggs back from Main antagonist The Sorceress and the Rhynocs.

Redesigned Characters

The Characters in Spyro The Dragon in the Trilogy have all been redesigned, from the original games of Spyro, Spyro Design in this game gives more colourful texture with the dragon scales on Spyro are clear crystal. What’s new about Toys for Bob Spyro Reignited Trilogy version is that they have put all Characters including Spyro new animations and small cutscenes, Every Dragon you rescue have their small scenes to talk to Spyro give their thanks and giving valuable hints on stages on how to get onto platforms. Also the NPCs of enemies have their own animations when you encounter them, Some enemies have animations where they’re mocking me if i get hit by them, or randomly.

Adequate worlds with enjoyable stages

In Spyro The Dragon You have five worlds which are main areas that has exploration for gems, enemies, crystallized dragons and sub stages, Each stage

gives you a purpose that will come up to your head the moment you see and that’s the gems which I will explain in the sub heading below, You will find captured dragons in five different worlds and its sub stages, rescuing the dragons is the main target of the game, by rescuing more dragons in the game you can go to the next world by finding a stranger with a hot air balloon who isn’t a dragon-related and happens to help Spyro to travel to different worlds, Once you go to different worlds after finishing a world you can freely go back to the worlds you have been to and the stages if you have missed anything without using the hot air balloon by going to the menu after pressing the touch pad on the PS4 Controller, which i find very much easier than going to the hot air balloon guy on foot. The stages you will play have platforming and a flying course challenge, the flying course is where you have to burn four specific things to get more gems, but the ultimate challenge is you can get all in one which is getting everything

Gameplay is awesome

The Gameplay in Spyro the Dragon is light of joy, with the terms of having Spyro stopping anything that gets in his way by charging into enemies and using dragon breath on them, each enemies have defences and some don’t, seeing an enemy with no defences can be easily be defeated by charging or using the fire on them, the enemies with defence such as a shield plating in them will have to be charged first and using the fire, or you can just instantly beat the shielded enemies in one charge. But watch out! Not all enemies fear Spyro as some of them are cowards but sometimes they carry weapons to stop Spyro, you have a defence indicator as a flying dragon fly that shows what health colour you are on, Bright orange shows full health blue shows fifty percent and green shows twenty-five percent, if you get hit while having the green dragonfly, you have no defence and get hit twice with no dragonfly will be instant death you will lose a life and restart to the last check point. If you lose all life all lifes you will start have to start the stage again.

Collecting obsessive gems

In Spyro the Dragon, not only you just rescue the dragons in a crystal form but you can collect gems throughout the game, you will find them in every world you go to including in stages, the gems can be found mostly on the ground in different colors, you can find them on higher grounds( higher platforms) which you will have to glide to, and you can find them in hidden areas which will take your time to find to get all gems in a stage or a world. Finding the gems is very obsessive when I’m playing in the stages and the worlds  it keeps me distracted on collecting every single gems til there is absolutely nothing left to collect, finding gems can be a little bit frustrating when I sometimes miss the gems without noticing, basically what I do is make sure you check the every area before going to the next.

Earning Skill Points

If you see “Skills Points” while playing the game, don’t get confused you just earn after completing small tasks and no there isn’t a skill tree. Spyro the dragon has a list of tasks which is optional for you to try out, the list carries each task for each stages to find and complete. Some tasks can be finding a object, defeating a boss without getting hit and more, all there is that if you want to achieve a skill point simple go in the skill point list and it will point to you on what world to go to and what stage as well to get a skill point by doing small assignments,achieving  the skill points is fun to do in the game but it’s optional if you feeling you want to complete any tasks that the game has for you.

Classic Platforming

Toys for bob’s Spyro the dragon has brought back the run and jump platforming mechanics from insomniac games version but in a better aspect. Platforming in Spyro the dragon is the same as the originals but it never shows any disappointment with that you can glide from higher grounds to get to a platform that Spyro can’t get to, gliding is pretty much a useful mechanic to reach a further platform to reach to collect gems and rescuing dragons and beating up enemies. Each stages has some unique platforming with a super charge runways with Spyro can use to sprint really faster to get to a much more higher or lower grounds in the distance in the stages. The runways can be a puzzle as well to figure out how to get to the platforms. Figuring on how to get to platforms by using the supercharge is very creative so that it can delay you to think on how to get to undiscovered areas, i found this very well designed and entertaining to do, after discovering a area that requires a supercharge sprint, i feel very cheerful that not all platform are easy to find but can be a little bit challenging.

Mini Games is almost playable but can be frustrating.

The mini games in Spyro Reignited Trilogy is almost fun with “Time Attack” This challenge is in all three games, The goal is to try and getting all targets all in one before time runs outs, it can be easy to get all in one but can take up your time to figure out which targets to start with first. In Time attack you will have to find out which target to start with first so that after you destroy each target you will get a spare time boost up so you can get the next targets throughout the stage. While destroying each targets in the time attack stages in Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the first time attack challenge was OK for first impressions I had no idea what to do, but after a few tries on the challenge i got used to the challenge’s rules and improving my flying controls and using the fire breath to the targets, I managed to complete every time attack challenges in all three games, it is playable and worth trying out, but it is optional if you want to earn a trophy or a prize. The next challenge on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which is one the third game “Racing” Challenge, Once you enter a stage that ends with “Speedway” on the stages name  you will get two challenges including (Time Attack, Racing). Anyway The racing in the speedway stages is upright but can be repetitive with the flying controls being a bit slippery and randomly teleport in rare times, “yeah during a race i happen to teleport while racing which caused me to manual replay the race again” But again it happened once and never teleport again, i would call that a rare glitch, the glitch doesn’t appear often, after restarting the race again the glitch was fixed, so don’t worry too much about it once you enter a race on the speedway challenges.

The Next mini game is “Skateboarding”, You will find this activity in some stages by entering into a purple portal that takes you to the challenge area in the third game of Spyro, You can pretty much skateboard to do moves and performing jumps over ramps by doing you will earn points to beat you own record, You will also experience Skateboard Racing, The first time i played the racing which i thought be an good race, but i had some moments with the time jumping actions which is (input delays) trying to get to first place, another thing about skateboard racing is that you will have a boast bar to go faster to beat other skateboards, to do that you will need to do tricks while in the air after jumping off the ramp, whatever you do don’t go sideways while in the air otherwise you will fail that trick and fall off if you want to get more boast always perform front flips and back flips and that happens to be the best tricks so that you can use that boast to get to first place. Lastly there are more mini games in other stages in Spyro: Year of the Dragon but happen to be much more better and a lot more easier to do.

Rejoin Spyro once again in his amazing adventures on current generation consoles.

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