Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil goes back to its roots!

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 delivers some new features and thrilling content that were used in the previous installments of the Resident Evil Series of survival horror. A new installment sure does bring joy to the Fans of the series.


Resident Evil 7 takes place in 2017 after the events of Resident Evil 6.  You play as a man named Ethan who had a recent mail message from his missing wife ‘Mia’ telling him to come and find her in Louisiana United Sates.  Ethan journeys alone to to Louisiana on a mission to find Mia at an abandoned mansion in the middle of a suspicious woods. As Ethan quests to find Mia he has no idea what this mansion has in store for him. Once you step foot into mansion you happen to be in slight confusion on why there is nobody home. So you are tasked to explore the weary interior to try and find Ethan’s wife Mia. Eventually after some exploring you happen to find Mia who seems to have suffered memory loss and looks to be in a delusional state.


The setting of Resident Evil 7 is quite impressive. I assure you, you will like the graphics in-game especially when you enter the mansion. There are amazing graphics applied on the outside as well  going outside to the exterior in Resident Evil 7 has its purpose, you will be using the exterior for proceeding to the next level in the game or you can explore to an extent. Honestly though, for the real experience the interior are where the graphics thrive. The mansion owns creepy hallways which are highly detailed, but watch your corners…  Some bloodthirsty enemies may be ready to pounce. Not only do you get the experience of slightly deformed organisms watching your every move, but you also have to deal with one of the baker family members stalking , pursuing and mocking you throughout your journey.

Resident Evil 7 gives a brand new setting to the franchise of a completely new engine called “RE Engine” with that the engine delivers immersive images of the interior of the mansion with brilliant HDR support to 4K TV users, whilst also catering to great lighting effects and dark areas. It truly gobsmacked me, I’m glad that Capcom delivered a piece that familiarizes you with the original franchise. First person mode is now Capcom’s forte rather than the classic third Person fixed camera type, it’s different for the fans but it is easy to get the hang of once you play Resident Evil 7 for a while.



The Characters of Resident Evil 7 are new to the series, we have Ethan Winters the main protagonist and playable character in the game. Ethan has no survival skills which he has less combat with weapons and no hand to hand combat at all. But when you proceed into the game he becomes fearless and his tactical advantage turns into something serious. Mia Winters the wife of Ethan Winters is a caretaker and former employee of the workplace called “The Connections” . The Baker Family- Jack baker who is the father who becomes infected to the virus and the antagonist towards Ethan. Margarite Baker the wife of Jack Baker who is also an antagonist has the virus in her, and the baker siblings Lucas and Zoe Baker.

Lucas baker is the son of Jack baker and happens to have the virus too, Zoe baker is a supporting character to aid Ethan and Mia by curing herself and Mia to rid of the substance inside their bodies. Lastly the main antagonist is Evline who is the young black haired girl who joins Mia on the connections for experiments as she is the main host of the bio-weapon.

Early Story

Ethan journeys alone to to Louisiana on a mission to find Mia at an abandoned mansion in the middle of a suspicious woods. Eventually after some exploring you happen to find Mia who seems to have suffered memory loss and looks to be in a delusional state. So now you have found her, it’s time to leave. However, Ethan saw something in Mia that didn’t seem quite right, whilst also shocking Ethan into a panic state. Mia looked to be infected with a virus which made her insane causing her to attack Ethan and you as the player. So you have no choice but to retaliate and attack Mia who is trying to kill you, after defeating her she seems to calm down and by laying on the floor unconscious.

You would think that that would be it right? Wrong… suddenly you are surprised  with a new face, one of the owners of the guest house named “Jack” had now joined the fight with against you with Mia by knocking you out clean. Ethan wakes up witnessing some disturbing actions from the baker family, it seemed they were eating rotten flesh off from the table whilst threatening to kill Ethan if he didn’t eat it. Fortunately, as one of the baker family members try to kill him they get distracted by a visitor which caused all of the baker family to separate from each other and  gave Ethan the chance to escape and find Mia again…


Combat and Gameplay

The Combat in Resident Evil 7 is modern with that Combat is in first person. Shooting with guns in the game is quite polished in terms of aiming. It more or less gives you freedom on where to aim on any enemy you encounter. There is also the knife which has some uses in the game for smashing fragile boxes to reveal potential items to help with survival.

The knife is what you will be using most of the time by getting to main objectives, and slashing small creatures so that you can conserve your ammo for other hostiles. Whatever gun you use in Resident Evil 7 make sure you time your shots because when I encountered some creatures, I happened to miss a couple of bullets which caused them to inflict major damage upon me due to me being off guard  (the cross-hair has major bloom when firing).

Combat Encounters

All enemies have weak points in Resident Evil 7 for the combat system so keep an eye out for Enemy weak spots so that you can save some ammo without trying to figure out where the weak spots are. Sometimes you can avoid combat if you want to, when I encountered Jack roaming around the mansion I chose to save my ammo and ended up running away from him.

I usually ran in different directions to see if I can lose sight of Jack and ended up hiding for a bit. Sometimes you can use stealth to avoid being seen, but sometimes Jack can pop out from a corner of the hallway to scare you which caused me to turn back and go different direction. So stealth has some uses but sometimes it isn’t useful. Resident Evil 7 has a new feature that allows you to block enemy attacks which can stop enemies from inflicting a fatal blow towards you, I happened to use this feature a lot which helped me significantly against any enemies I fight. However, sometimes I forget that it exists when I’m fighting the mold and boss fights so try and keep the combat feature in mind when you’re in trouble.



Resident Evil 7 Puzzle-solving is interesting and works well with the environment. The puzzles in Resident Evil 7 are mostly generic with repetitive game-play of solving the puzzle, they are hidden in areas for you to find whilst proceeding through the bio-hazard mansion. The puzzles that I found boring and repetitive were the puzzles where you have to find a specific object to place in front of a light to create a shadow, then you have to match the shadow with the painting’s picture. Once you have matched the shadow of the figure with the painting you are rewarded with a key for the one of the doors which are locked.

When I first attempted this puzzle for the first time it was interesting and it got me engaged, but after I proceeded further into the game I found more of the same puzzle again, but this time in a different area which made me feel like the puzzle is just recurring like it was a chore, it also felt like Capcom ran out of ideas of puzzle-solving content. But some puzzles are hidden and fun to find, the puzzles that I found interesting are the ‘treasure maps’ which can help you to find special items like a coin to unlock cages with other items, syringes which can boost your reloading speed, and health items. The treasure map has some different locations and aren’t the same so I find it entertaining and worthwhile obtaining the items they provide.

Items and Management

The Items in Resident Evil 7 are new and the same from the previous games. The new Items in the game have good uses. In Resident Evil 7: Bio-hazard you will find “Chem fluids” that hold multiple advantages for your weapons and healing items. You can also create more ammo but you need to find ‘gunpowder’ and ‘special ammo’ to craft them, healing items from herbs to create a first aid bottles, The different types of chem fluids are, ‘Chem fluids’, ‘Strong Chem fluids’ and a ‘Separate agent’. Both of the three fluids can help you throughout your experience, they will help mostly with your items. Strong Chem fluids can create strong healing items to maximum your health and give you much sturdier ammo for handguns (more damage to enemies).

There is also an item called “Psychostimulants” it is a drug that can help you find items that are hard to discover,  I use them because it helps me find the items I need to proceed and stay healthy when coming up against encounters. But I will give Capcom credit for their creative idea to hide items in difficult places to find.

The next item is the “repair kit” the repair kit has the advantage to repair broken weapons, within my play-through I found two broken guns, but I didn’t know they were going to be useful in the first place. Eventually after hard work and effort nearing the conclusion of Resident Evil 7 I read the broken gun’s description in my inventory menu and apparently you can repair them for a good pack of a punch towards enemies, so I totally missed out on the opportunity to make my play-through much easier.

Inventory Interface

The item box interface in Resident Evil 7 is quite useful, there are a lot of items in the game that you will have to store somewhere, which is indeed your item bag. I sometimes notice that I have a full inventory so unfortunately I have to go back to the save room to store items away and relieve my inventory. It frustrates me but that’s classic Resident Evil for you…

The separating agent that I mentioned is to give you the choice to split the combined items from the use of any type of chem fluid so that you can use the chem fluid for a different item you hold. The Item management in Resident Evil 7  is classic as always from the previous games where you have an item box to store your weapons etc. On the other hand though, sometimes the frustration wears off where I happen to find backpacks  which indicate an increase in more space so I can carry more items.


The Enemies in Resident Evil 7 are creepy and tough to fight. And the design of the monsters and boss fights are overall a great experience. You have the bakers, they are semi boss fights with different challenges and you have the “mold” creatures. However there were only three enemies types of the mold When I played Resident Evil 7 for the first time. I was expecting different Enemy types not the same three mold enemies which caused for me less entertaining game-play and slightly tiresome encounters.

The enemies attacks in the game can give minor damage and major damage, one of the mold creatures with four legs moving like a spider does a frontal jump towards you that can affect you with large amounts damage. When I ran into them I  try to shoot them but their attacks can rapidly continue at some encounters which left me defenseless and unable to block them. This happened a couple of times in the game but I managed to run into them again, but this time I was prepared to block their attacks preventing me from losing health.

Sound System

Resident Evil 7 sound system is great with sound effects coming from enemies and footsteps, and creepy music when walking through hallways and rooms. Sometimes the music can cause me to stop moving which ends up with me getting scared due to a jump scare which will randomly activate,  yes there are jump scares.










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