Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Thoughts

Going into this direct I wasn’t expecting much Nintendo could show that I haven’t seen already about Super Mario Maker 2. After this direct ended, I came out wanting this gaming more than ever.

The beginning of the direct showcased the simple steps of building courses. It was nice that they did this for people who didn’t play the first Mario Maker. Also for people who didn’t own a Wii U and we know how well the Wii U did. It was also a nice callback for the people who did play the first game, then leading them up to what they can expect in the sequel.

There were few directs and trailers in the past of this game showcasing many new features. New features like slopes, snake blocks, water rising/lowering, switch blocks, and more that’ll take a whole essay for me to list. Each one has new functions to the game. Like switch blocks affecting converter belts and the snake blocks changing speed. There were also so many new  elements and items like the big coins, custom scrolling, and dry bone shells. As well as more level themes like snow, desert, jungle, and night.

There were two things that blow me away during this direct. I’ll first start with story mode. I never thought that this game would have a story mode. Adding in a story to a level designing game sounds interesting. However Mario game stories are normally all the same to the point where it’s transparent. The story is looking to be different judging by the dialogue in the trailer.

Online multiplayer was the second thing that shocked me. Adding in local multiplayer to Mario Maker was going to happen eventually. For it to also be online is amazing. People can face other players around the world on custom levels. This was my favorite part of the direct. I’m looking forward to what more  this game has to offer as E3 creeps around corner.

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