The Game Awards 2019 game announcements and more

About The Game Awards 2019 game announcements and more

This year on the game awards 2019, they have announced new games that are coming out next year and let’s just say they’re amazing and i cant wait for them to be released so i can have a crack at them. all though the first looks into ghost of tsushima was amazing and also the new gears tactics, nothing beats the new games that have just be announced for next year. But getting the first trailer of Final Fantasy Remake was absolutely amazing.

Having the best community support of this year i would personally say Destiny 2 because of the complete friendly community and how much they help you. but the winner was Destiny 2, which comes to no shock because of the sheer amazing people online within that game that help you. you feel as you can build family from the people you play with and friendships are formed from this community. But it was out of four other games which was Fornite, Apex Legends, Final Fantasy XIV and Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege.

They also showed cased the new trailer for the new game for switch called Ultimate Alliance 3 (The Black Order) and may i say it looked absolutely amazing and it did indeed leave me hanging of my seat when i say this. the graphics for this game whilst being on the switch are amazing.

New trailer for the game called Man Eater was shown last night on The game awards 2019. this is about a shark that eats people, yes you heard me right and game where you can eat people as a shark, you get to explore, evolve your shark and much more. This game is being premiered globally. May i say the graphics and the gore within this game are brilliant, defiantly bring the fear of the ocean to life. Lets just say i wont be stepping in the ocean anytime soon after this trailer. The game is set to be released June 22nd 2020.

In the game awards 2019 they showed the premier trailer of  human kind which show cased the avatar system, where you can create yourself and watch it evolve over time, from the time you start to the time you finish. let me say it looks beautiful, the art style to the avatars looks amazing and realistic. for a 3D platform game designed like chest battles, it looks really beautiful and let me say its draw dropping. It will being released somewhere in 2020.

They also showed off the final Fantasy XVII Remake trailer at the game awards 2019 and it looks beautiful, this trailer will leave you hanging off your chair with excitement.

Show cased the new Xbox Series X at the game awards, the weird shape does look weird but one can hope that the performance levels are greatly better than the last consoles. but let me say i’m loving the style and the green colour at the top. To top it all of the showed a new game that is coming to the Xbox Series X called Sensua’s Saga: HellBlade II, the style of the game looks beautiful and so realistic and it doesn’t half show of the potential of the console itself.


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