Riot’s First Single-Player Game announced! (Ruined King)

About Riot’s First Single-Player Game announced! (Ruined King)

Riot’s First Single-Player Game announced! Riot Games has just announced their new game that is coming early December 2020 and it was announced by the League of Legends story at the Game Awards 2019.

Ruined King is apart of forge initiative  and its very first single player game within the League Of Legends world. You’re able to play as a League Of Legends champion , where you’re able to explore Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles.

Ruined King is currently being developed by Airship Syndicate and this is the same studio that is behind the battle chasers: Nightmare and the just released Darksiders Genesis.

Ruined Kind will be mainly story driven, it’s a turn based RPG and Airship has said that this is their own new take on turn based combat and the game will be based after the LoL’ Burning Tides event.

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