PlanetSide Arena Is Shutting Down!

About PlanetSide Arena Is Shutting Down!

All though some games are known to last for many years, PlanetSide Arena has just announced it is shutting down, they launched PlanetSide Arena back in September 2018 and they will be officially shutting down next month. The official announcement was said on their Steam page on their blog.

PlanetSide Arena was officially meant to be released back in January last year but it suffered major delays and technical issues so it got even more delayed from being released to the public, which cause a lot of backlash. by players requesting refunds from their pre-order of the game because of the delays. But last year in September it did eventually come out to the public, but it quickly lost all of its player base, as we all know that within any game you need players to keep it alive even if its multiplayer, but when a games massive feature requires load of players it soon died quickly.

But luckily, any players that have brought this DLC and or any in-game currency will get a full refund on everything, which i think is extremely kind. This will all start January 10 2020. The DLC during the announcement will not be able to purchase anymore because of the shut down.

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