Fortnite adds split-screen to Xbox and Playstation

About Fortnite adds split-screen to Xbox and Playstation

Fortnite has now released another impressive update, split screen, yes you heard it correctly. they have now introduced local split screen to Xbox and Playstation. From doing so this will allow you to have two profile logged into one xbox or playstation at a time, so no more waiting for turns to play Fortnite when you’re at your friends house.

Currently split screen is only limited to these two consoles and you can only play duo’s, so if you want to play with your friends as well as someone at your house, good luck with that. But luckily Epic Games themselves have said that they will improve these features overtime.

But having half of your screen taken up with another play in split-screen would defiantly leave you hopeless to other players. they would personally have a bigger advantage because they would have all of there TV screen. But overall i would say that Epic Games is heading in the right direction with Fortnite and by them bringing Split-screen access it shows they may possibly bring it out with other games they will make in the future. because we all know that any multiplayer game now a days are to afraid to it split-screen capable.

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