Bravely Default 2 Announced for 2020 Release Date

About Bravely Default 2 Announced for 2020 Release Date

Bravely Default 2 was announced last night at the game awards 2019 by Square Enix and it will be coming to the switch somewhere in 2020, not an official date has been said yet but all we know is the year.

The team altogether who brought bravely together have been working so hard to make this game come to life, and all i can say is WOW, you have impressed me Square Enix.

After the Game Awards show, Nintendo themselves tweeted “Expect a brand-new world, new Heroes of Light, and music from Revo in this successor to the original Bravely Default.” and all i can say is i cant wait to see how the rest of this amazing game looks like on the switch.

Players will have the opportunity to travel to new places/worlds as the Heroes of light and they will be in search for the crystal within the game.

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